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Marina Resort

Environmental Code of Conduct

for yachtsmen


Aware that the sea has always been a source of civilization, well-being and environmental balance for mankind, I am committed to the

  1. following: Do not throw waste into the sea or along
  2. the coast. black waters on board at sea, in coastal waters and in marine protected areas. Use the collection point in the port; Do not
  3. dump toxic or dangerous waste into the sea (exhausted oils or batteries, paints, solvents, detergents, etc.) and throw them in the special containers
  4. after landing Use the special containers for the separate collection of waste (paper, glass,
  5. aluminum, etc.) Use low environmental impact products for boat maintenance, such as paints, anti-vegetatives, detergents, solvents, etc.
  6. Immediately report any form of pollution or other violations that damage the environment to the
  7. authorities in charge. fishing ban. Protect and respect animals, marine plants, vulnerable areas and marine protected areas; Avoid
  8. damaging the seabed by anchoring, especially in the presence of Posidonia meadows
  9. and underwater archaeological sites; Be respectful of other people and of the environment; Reduce, as much as possible, the use of
  10. water, electricity and fuel; Avoid the dispersion
  11. of fuel at sea during refueling; Promote environmental sensitivity among all
  12. those who go to sea; Respect natural areas sensitive areas
  13. and protected natural areas, in particular observe the prohibitions of the
  14. Site of Community Importance “Scogliera dei Rizzi ”, near our landing place; Do not sail or moor at a distance of less than 100 meters from
  15. the rocky ridges overlooking the sea of the SIC “ Reef of Rizzi ”; Do not purchase or use objects
  16. deriving from protected species or from underwater archaeological finds.
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