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The Head of the District Maritime and Commander of the Port of Cetraro;

VIEW: your order no. 28/2010 date 30.07.2010 with which it was implemented the “Regulation of the port of Cetraro”;

VIEW: your order no. 36/2018, which is issued in a date 07/08/2018, as a result of the silting up of the wharf and on the prohibition of the navigation of the mirror of water in front of the port of Cetraro;

VIEW: your order no. 05/2019, which is issued in a date 15/02/2019, as a result of the silting up of part of the quay of the pier hammer and relative to the warding of the mooring part of it;

VIEWS: notes MFARITA RG18 M-D 0001169 in date 07.05.2018 and no. MFARITA MD0001413 in date 06.06.2018 of the Command Area Lighthouses and Inland shipping Taranto; in VIEW of: the note A_D MCOMLOG 0013931 in date 31.05.2018 of the Logistics Command of the Navy Directorate of lighthouses and Signals 1st Office Signals with headquarters in Naples.

VISAS: the recent and last bathymetric survey, carried out by the employee Patrol boat CP 851, in order to check the depths of the mirror of water in front of the red light (EF 2686), located in the head of the seaward jetty of the harbor of Cetraro, which showed a further supply of material lithoid because of the sea currents and, in particular, of the last storms;

Noted: that the depths of the mirror of water in front of the red light (EF 2686), affected by the phenomenon of silting, already barred by Ordinance no. 36/2018, have suffered, for the reasons mentioned above, a modification, causing a further narrowing of the iimboccatura of the port of Cetraro;

VISTA: the request for issuance Avurnav to Marinasud Taranto with pec n 0002375 in date 12.04.2019; CONSIDERED: therefore be necessary, in the light of new findings, to update the extension, and the coordinates of the area that can be blocked to navigation as well as the pilot-book, with the requirements to be met in the entrance/exit from the port of Cetraro, in order to mitigate the risk to the mariner with the enactment of a provisional measure to protect the safety of navigation and safeguarding of human life at sea, as well as protection of the marine environment, while allowing, consistent with the backdrops of the port, and that the competent authority may proceed to perform the work of removal of the sandy material in question;

SEEN the art. 17, 30, 62, and 81 of the Navigation Code and articles. 59, 63 and 64 of the implementing Regulation; MAKES it clear that the bottom is in front of the red light flashing (EF 2686) placed in proximity to the entrance to the harbour, or in the head of the seaward jetty of the harbor of Cetraro, to continue to pour out in the conditions of silting up because of the great and the further supply of material lithoid brought by storm surges;


Article 1 Area prohibited to navigation, The mirror of water in front of the red light (EF 2686) place in the head of the seaward jetty of the harbor of Cetraro, between the following four points of geographical coordinates, referenced to the geodetic system world WGS 84:

(a) 39°31.586'N – 015°55.206'E;

(b) 39°31.508'N – 015°55.367'E;

c) 39°31.424'N – 015°55.294'E;

(d) 39°31.450'N – 015°55.217'E.

as better shown in the enclosed layout plan (annex 1), which is an integral part of this ordinance, is prohibited to navigation, stop and anchorage of any naval unit.

Article 2 Requirements to be met in the entrance/exit from the port All the units in the stage input/output from the port of Cetraro, on the basis of their technical characteristics, and in particular of its maximum draft, must pay attention to the trend of the sea floor as detected by the on-board instruments (sounder), meaning that the seabed is the area interdicted to navigation and those of the mouth are subject to continuous and uncontrolled variations, so the safe route, the input/output of the below indicated, has an indicative value. For the above, all the units should achieve, for the entrance into the port of Cetraro, the point coordinates 39°31.503'N – 015°55.397'E, always remaining at a safe distance of not less than 200 meters from the red light (EF 2686) place in the head of the seaward jetty; from here, the unit will have to proceed with RV 302, up to the entrance, crossing in the area between the green light, and its centerline. Similarly, for the output, the unit will have to cross the mouth of the bottle, between the green light, and the centerline, and from there reach the point coordinates 39°31.503'N – 015°55.397'E, RV 122. In application of the regulations for preventing collisions at sea, the output unit have precedence over the ones in the entrance.

Article 3 Conditions for entry/exit from the areas, the port, the Commanders of The naval units, which provide the exclusive responsibility, will have to assess according to the standards of seamanship, by reason of the mutability of the seabed and the spaces of manoeuvre and evolution in the harbor, the draft, the distribution of weights on board, to the dimensional characteristics, evolution and handling of your unit, the weather, sea conditions in the act, and provided, if to undertake the manoeuvre of entry to/exit from the port of Cetraro. In case they assess that such a maneuver may jeopardize the safety of the unit and endanger its crew, can direct to other ports, or to anchor in the roadstead if the input, i.e. if you intended to exit, wait at the berth, the occurrence of the conditions (weather and tide) yet necessary for the execution of the maneuver. All units in the landing phase for the entrance to the port of Cetraro, i.e. in the starting phase, after the output from the same port, should maintain a speed suitable to avoid the occurrence of wave motion that might cause damage or otherwise injury to the other units present in the harbour, to the coasts and to the activities which are planned be completed.

Article 4 Repeals, and Penalties this Ordinance repeals and replaces the own Ordinance n. 36/2018 in date 07.08.2018.

Article 5 Sanctions Anyone who does not observe the rules laid down in this Ordinance, unless the fact constitutes a different and/or more serious crime and/or administrative offence, shall be punished, depending on the infringement committed, pursuant to art. 1174 and 1231 of the Italian Code of Navigation or, the art. 53 of legislative decree no. 171/2005. Article 6 Advertising of the Ordinance And’ the obligation for any person concerned to observe and enforce this Ordinance, the advertising will be ensured through posting on the notice board of the Office, the inclusion of the page “ordinances” of the institutional website\cetraro, as well as dissemination through the media.

Cetraro, there 16/05/2019




(Signed digitally pursuant to D. Lgs. 82/2005 and successive mm.ii.)




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