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Marina Resort


Keep informed about “Marina Resort Cetraro"

​Thanks to WhatsApp Marina Resort Cetraro the new instant messaging service available to yachtsmen, it will be possible to be updated and informed about the events of the port, the civil protection alerts and other
issues of general interest. Those who want to register, in addition to being constantly updated on the funding granted to the Municipality on improving the functionality of the port area, will have a tool available to improve communication and have a
quick contact , direct and more effective
than traditional e-mail. The registration procedure is very simple. By sending the registration message, with the text “ATTIVA REGISTRATION ” and adding your name and surname, to the number 3397367726 (valid only for the contents of the “Marina Resort Cetraro ” program)

the user declares to have read and accepted the and rules by authorizing to transmit information via WhatsApp.
You also agree not to be able to call or send direct sms
through the same channel to this same number. It is possible to unsubscribe from the service at any time by sending the message “DISABLING
”. The messages are sent by Marina Resort Cetraro in broadcast mode, therefore without the possibility for individual users to see or check the contacts of others.
available to
the user, the Port Office and all contact details (telephone and e-mail) published on the website www.portocetraro.it.

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PORT OF CETRARO - Marina Resort - Tax Code 86000770783

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