Marina Resort

 The structure

13 floating docks equipped with water and electricity services, can accommodate over 500 berths.

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Located along the upper Tyrrhenian coast of Cosenza, the port of Cetraro consists of a two-branch breakwater pier, which extends southeastward, almost 450 m long; about 160 m from the harbourhead the Molo Martello stars, north-east oriented that, with the 240 m. long pier, delimits the entrance.  The internal body of water is divided in two by the main pier: the shore is provided with  wharfs inside, straigth on entering, there is the dock reserved  for pleasure craft. Directly managed by the  Municipality of Cetraro, the tourist dock was inaugurated on July 11th  2009, the feast of the patron saint.


Access time: Continuous

Seafloor: Mud and sand

Seabed: on the quay from 0.2 m to 4 m

Radio: Vhf channel 10 tourist dock

Telephone:   0982.978274

                  Fax 0982.91300

                 Cell. 331 5720251

Maximum length: 40 m

Maximum draft: approx. 3.50 m

Winds: NE - NW


Contact channel 10 for mooring assistance in the tourist dock. For a radius of 50 m from the entrance and inside the port the speed must not exceed 2 knots. entry / exit must be kept between the center line of the entrance and the green light due to partial displacement of the ends of the Martello pier.

Fari e Fanali:

2686 (E 1750.5) - red flashing light, period 4 sec., Range 6 M on the end of the outer pier; 2686.5 (E 1750.65)

- fixed green light, 2 vert., 3 M range on the head of the breakwater pier; 2686.3 (E 1750.6) -

fixed red light, 2 vert., 3 M range on the head of the hammer pier.

The seabed may be subject to change due to problems of siltation. Pay attention to buoys and mooring posts at the breakwater pier.


Cetraro (CS)

Via Porto
+ 39 0982



within the port and for a radius of 200 m from its entrance and from  harbour works, fishing, however practiced, and bathing for a radius of 500 from the port, are prohibited.

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Parking area

Parking area reserved for guests

Waste container

Information on the Blue Flag program

Emergency telephone

First aid equipment

Accessible services for disabled people

           Services (toilets, showers, laundry, etc.)

Free Wi Fi

Drains and waste water collection

Area for hauling and repairs

Hazardous waste container

Refueling station

Hazardous waste Storage and used oils

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On the

quay- Electricity- Drinking

water- Mooring assistance

with mooring crews



- Refueling

- Access and assistance h 24

- Listening to VHF ch 10 for reception in the dock

- Toilets and showers
- Firefighting service
- Weather service

- Guardianage
- Car parking

- Waste disposal (Separate collection)

​- Laundry


Technical services

- Launching and hauling service with travel lift 

- Mobile crane up to 20 t

- Unloading waste water collection

- Storage of hazardous waste and waste oils

- Hazardous waste container ​




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PORT OF CETRARO - Marina Resort - Tax Code 86000770783

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